What’s up with poke, man? – Chicago Reader
Thanks for the write-up, Mike! The volcano features seaweed, edamame, jalapeño, ginger, tobiko, and a revolting looking sauce that resembles Russian dressing and has a blanketing sweet-spicy creaminess that pretty much takes over everything in the bowl. See the whole article here: What's up with poke, man? - Chicago…
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Poke Arrives, Lunch’s Stock Skyrockets – Urban Daddy
Agreed, sandwiches oughta get over themselves. Thanks for including us, Urban Daddy! And now, an urgent message from Sandwiches Against Poke: “That new fast-casual joint, Aloha Poke Co., must be stopped. View the full article here: The Weekender An Unprecedented Surplus of Mezcal, Poke and Irish Pizza - Urban…
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