Allergy – Gluten – Vegan Information


YUZU RANCH: A citrusy ranch, yuzu is a citrus fruit from East Asia similar to a grapefruit. This ranch is going to have more of an earthy element to it.

Allergies: Egg yolk, milk

VOLCANO: A chili flake based aioli. This aioli is going to have more of a texture and a bigger kick than our spicy aioli. Our volcano sauce is a mayonnaise based sauce mixed with a garlic chili paste and ponzu, which is a tangy, citrus, soy-based sauce.

Allergies: Soy, egg yolk, (CONTAINS GLUTEN)

WASABI: This Kikkoman brand creamy wasabi sauce is a blend of wasabi and horseradish, diluted with lemon juice and whipped up with egg yolks.

Allergies: Egg yolks, soy 

SESAME VIN: This sauce has a floral citrus flavor with notes of lime. It is one of our lighter options but still maintains a robust flavor.


SAMURAI: Our Samurai sauce is the perfect blend of savory, sweet and salty.


SESAME OIL: This sauce has a round nutty flavor. Our sesame oil a light option but still brings a bold flavor.

Allergies: Sesame (VEGAN FRIENDLY)

SPICY AIOLI: Our spicy aioli is a tangy mayonnaise based sauce. This sauce has a mild spice and a creamy texture.

Allergies: Egg yolk

MARINADE: A sesame shoyu sauce.

Allergies: Soy, gluten, sesame (CONTAINS GLUTEN) (VEGAN FRIENDLY)


SEAWEED SALAD: A wet seaweed salad

Allergies: Wheat, Soy (CONTAINS GLUTEN) (VEGAN)

CRUNCH: Crispy tempura fried onions

Allergies: Wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soy, mustard, milk (processed in a plant that also processes what’s listed) (CONTAINS GLUTEN)

RICE SEASONING (FURIKAKE): A smoky, sweet seasoning salt containing nori (dried seaweed) and different Japanese herbs & spices

Allergies: Egg, fish, milk, soy, wheat

TOBIKO: Flying fish roe

Allergies: Soy (CONTAINS GLUTEN)

MAUI ONION: A variety of sweet and exceptionally mild onion, lacking the sulfur which otherwise gives an onion its sharp taste and strong smell

EDAMAME:  Japanese-style soy bean, out of its shell

Allergies:  Soy
JALAPENO:  Spicy, crunchy pepper
PINEAPPLE: Sweet fruit with bites of semi-tart juice
Allergies: Tropical Fruit
AVOCADO: Creamy, HAAS Avocado
GINGER: Pickled ginger, traditionally served with sushi
CUCUMBER: Light, refreshing and crunchy